Day of #RevolutionaryLove, Day of Rising.
We reclaim Valentine's Day as a Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising. We resist all executive orders and policies that put people in harm’s way. We commit to fight for social justice through the ethic of love -- love for others, our opponents, and ourselves.

#Revolutionary Love is the WEAPON of the FUTURE

Throughout history, the ongoing story of humanity has been one of separation, suspicion, retribution and violence. Too often we have used HATE to try to solve our problems. And in the short term, it "appears" to work.  That is because HATE is a FORCE. It is NOT just an emotion or an attitude.  It is a WEAPON, and when it is used, it always leads to more vengeance, violence and hatred. BUT...LOVE is also a FORCE. It is not just a warm feeling or a satisfying emotion or a passing sensation. It has POWER. It, too, is a WEAPON. But when we wield the weapon of LOVE, it leads to forgiveness, understanding, friendship, unity, and trust. I am not talking about weak, wimpy, mushy love, the kind of love that gets its feelings hurt easily and soon becomes bored or hungry for more.  I am talking about REVOLUTIONARY LOVE, the kind of LOVE that stands up to HATE, stares it down, refuses to let it pass without a fight. When we Wield the Weapon of Love, we ALL win! #REVOLUTIONARY LOVE #RADICAL EQUALITY

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