Thank you for helping us #ReclaimLove

This Valentine’s Day we partnered with the Revolutionary Love Project for our #ReclaimLove campaign, and we got to see our big, broad, love-rooted movement in action.

More than 60 organizations, celebrities, faith leaders, and artists joined forces with thousands of others to share their hope and vision for a country where love is a public ethic. #ReclaimLove reached over 14 million people!

Check out what folks were sharing on social media:

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Over the weekend of February 9th, over 200 people stepped up to host watch parties and discussions for Valarie Kaur’s new TED talk, “3 Lessons in Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage.” It so powerful to see communities coming together to choose love -- a practice more necessary than ever as we grieve and rise up in the wake of the most recent mass shooting.

Want to host a #ReclaimLove 
watch party? 

From #ReclaimLove Watch Party Hosts:

“The discussion really yielded some great insights about how our relationships have been redefined by political tensions.”

- Kate (OH)

“[My favorite part was] having intimate conversations with both friends and strangers and feeling like I was taking a small step to creating community in my own living room.”

- Jodi (OR)

It was amazing to see people connect with our message of love as a revolutionary force. We got great coverage from HuffPo and Valarie Kaur and Van Jones made a short Revolutionary Love explainer video for Mic. Artitsts Ashley Luka and Faviana Rodriguez joined the campaign and Ani DiFranco made a #ReclaimLove video for her new song BINARY:

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Your donation will support both the #LoveArmy and the Revolutionary Love Project. We are working to equip movements and communities with the skills to continue to labor in love – love for others, our opponents and ourselves. We aim to empower millions with the tools to combat hate, heal divides and turn common pain into common purpose. We are developing curriculum, books, films, digital libraries, and mass mobilizations.

Coming up next! Join Van and Valarie along with Rev. Jaqui Lewis, Parker Palmer, Rev. William Barber and many more at the Revolutionary Love Conference in New York City April 6-8, 2018.

Thanks so much for all you do,

-- the #LoveArmy Team