Day of #RevolutionaryLove, Day of Rising.
We reclaim Valentine's Day as a Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising. We resist all executive orders and policies that put people in harm’s way. We commit to fight for social justice through the ethic of love -- love for others, our opponents, and ourselves.


I vow to Love the Person in front of me....behind me....beside me.... I vow to look past your Nationality, your Sexual preference , your Religion Background. I vow to stand up for you when I see you being disrespected.I vow to speak up for you when your afraid to. I vow to hug you when I see you at the point where you think your alone! I vow to pray for you And with you .....over you for your safety.... I vow to be the 1 person that you don't owe anything back for doing all that I vow to do for you! Because you matter..... And I love you... And know what it feels to be mistreated in all the ways listed above! I'll be your voice! My Love is Free Please Accept it. 💜

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