These are heartbreaking times. Family Separation policies mean babies have been taken from their mothers, zero tolerance rules criminalize and imprison migrants seeking safety and a better life, people from Muslim-majority countries are cut off from their parents, partners, and families by the travel ban, and we are facing the possibility that a new Supreme Court could reverse Roe v. Wade. Our hearts are heavy.

We’ve heard a lot of people saying things like “this is not who we are.” But the sad truth is, this is who America has always been.  Separating families, condemning whole groups of people based on prejudice or for profit has always been the American way. The same tactics come up over and over in our history -  from the genocide of indigenous people, to slavery, to Japanese internment camps - just to name a few. This is America. But it doesn’t have to be.

The United States has always been two things: the dark reality of the country’s founding - slavery and genocide and unequal rights, and the dream of what this country can be - a place of opportunity, solidarity, freedom, and dignity. In every generation, there are people like you work hard to close the gap between the darker parts of our history and the bright future we know is possible. That’s real patriotism.

Now is the time to work hard. Dissent is patriotic. Calling on people and institution to stand for justice and to do what’s right is patriotic. Caring for families is patriotic. Opposing unjust policy is one way we move toward a brighter future we can all be proud of.

Here’s what you can do: On July 31, our partners at Movimiento Cosecha are organizing a National Day of Action to End Cooperation with ICE. People like you across the country will come together to demand that our cities, counties, companies and local institutions end their cooperation with ICE and the inhumane treatment of families

Will you help stop your community from collaborating with ICE?

ICE relies on the support of mayors, local police departments, and county commissioners that allow ICE to use local jails to detain families. Out of the 200+ detention centers ICE has publicly listed, a majority are run by contracts with counties. Ice relies on private tech companies to develop their surveillance technology. ICE relies on transportation companies like airlines to deport people. ICE relies on departments of labor, schools, DMVs and hospitals to share their records with them so that they can persecute undocumented people.

It’s our responsibility - our moral duty - to refuse to be complicit with unjust and dehumanizing practices. Stand up to ICE and demand that the institutions we’re part of do the same. #WeWontBeComplicit.


Thanks for all you do,

-- the #LoveArmy Team


P.S. Check out this teach-in we did about the American Dream vs. the American Reality. This is a complicated place.

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