Report Alien Encounters


GOAL: 10,000

When you click on "Call Now" we will call your phone and patch you through to the VOICE HOTLINE so you can report your "criminal alien" sighting. You may receive campaign updates from the #LoveArmy and Common Defense. The truth is out there. (Learn More)

Latest sightings:


President Trump and ICE recently launched their Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (VOICE) office, including a hotline for reporting crimes by "aliens." The problem is that this hotline is nothing more than a registry of stories that the Trump Administration and anti-immigrant politicians can use to spread propaganda. You can’t actually report a crime to VOICE. But it can spread racism, hate, and misinformation. We want to change that.

Tell President Trump the only "illegal aliens" are the ones from outer space. We encourage everyone to call into the VOICE hotline to report any encounters with aliens... the extraterrestrial kind.   

When the President tells us to discriminate against our immigrant brothers and sisters, it’s up to us to stand up and fight back. 

Call Now and stand up against discrimination.

“VOICE is a depraved and dangerous propaganda vehicle that exploits tragedy to fuel hate and division. As veterans, our commitment to service has no room for tolerating a xenophobic registry, which only exists to provide fodder for racism.” 
— Pam Campos, Executive Director, Common Defense


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