Love Song for Valentine's Day

"You can build a wall,
or you can build a bridge;
It all depends upon the love you give.
If you build a wall,
your world is small;
But a bridge of love will conquer all."


#RevolutionaryLove is...

simply smiling,
patiently holding space for a friend,
conversing under the stars,
recognizing the potential for good within ourselves,
the inspiration to actively make the world a better place.

love reigns supreme

self kindness, self respect self respect, it all begins ourselves forgive ourselves love other forgive others

may all beings be safe may all beings be free from fear may all beings have peace

#RevolutionaryLove knows no divide

Let me share a word and a quote from a book..... Ubuntu, a Xhosa word that denotes sharing what you have, as in "My humanity is inextricably bound up in yours. " Ubuntu recognizes that true healing is impossible without recognition of our common humanity and our common destiny. --- author Bessel Van Der Kolk MD The mountain of social justice we wish to climb is steep, filled with heartache and pain that may slow us down. But the winds of change urges us to still go forth despite the odds. I pray that the Force of Love will strengthen and guide us on our path. Even if we're not meant to see that mountain top in our lifetimes, the journey of liberating the oppressed, one person at a time, sows seeds of victory towards the ultimate goal of truth, which is freedom for humanity and justice for all.

I choose to align with love. . .

I choose to align with LOVE.  LOVE is the foundation that holds us together in this human journey.  I choose to align with LOVE. LOVE is the balm that heals all.  I choose to align with LOVE.  LOVE elevates our spirits, hearts, and minds. I choose to align with LOVE.  LOVE wins.  #RevolutionaryLove

I open my heART wide . . . and know.

February 14th, 2017 In rEVOLution I open my heART wide... and know! I accept what I cannot change. I take action where I can make change happen. A revolution can cause an evolutionary SHIFT. REVOLUTION (as it happens to have the word LOVE built in) is what happens when LOVE is lacking in the spirit of humanity. We the People cannot live without LOVE. We the people will rise up whenever the spirit of the times fails to serve us the promise of LOVE. We are United in LOVE. It is an impossibility for us to be divided in LOVE. I resolve myself to share, speak, teach, think, act, embody and presence LOVE as a mother, who holds the darkness of her womb as a most sacred space to nurture and grow. To all who need to be held in this space and to be WHOLE at this time, I am holding you now in the sacred space. And to Mr President, to you my child, if I must carry you in the promise of the womb, kicking and screaming against the walls of the birthing place that holds you despite your angst and the anxiety you thrust out in search of unleashing your own fears; amidst your fear of LOVE, let me be the one who bears the pain of your feet pushing against the walls of my womb that heals. Because. . . I HAVE THE TENACITY. I HAVE THE COURAGE. I HAVE THE STRENGTH . . . of the GREAT MOTHER... and the many, many, many mothers . . . who will hold you in the walls of darkness, until there is no more room for you in the crowded space you take up... until you have finally grown too big for the womb, until your knees are tucked tightly up into your chest and you have no more room to move about, until in the darkness you are CLEAR you will no longer survive unless you transform and go the way of the light. . . and then shall I gather my tribe and show you the face of true LOVE. And let this story be your guide... The following story; some dispute truth in practice or tribe. HOWEVER, the lesson is LASER CLEAR. In the BaBemba tribe of Luapula, Zambia, when a person acts irresponsibly or unjustly he is placed in the center of the village, alone and unfettered. All work ceases, and every man, woman and child in the village gathers in a large circle around the accused individual. Then each person in the tribe, regardless of age, begins to talk out loud to the accused, one at a time, about all the good things the person in the center of the circle has done in his lifetime. Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy is recounted. All his positive attributes, good deeds, strengths and kindnesses are recited carefully and at length. No one is permitted to fabricate, exaggerate or be facetious about his accomplishments or the positive aspects of his personality. The tribal ceremony often lasts several days and does not cease until everyone is drained of every positive comment he can muster about the person in question. At the end the tribal circle is broken, a joyous celebration takes place, and the person symbolically and literally is welcome back into the tribe. I am convinced the only punishment that will ever work is love.

#RevolutionaryLove means living with intension and compassion

To all those who have ever had to bear the weight of oppression, this is a message of love for you. To those who are forced to hold their heads high in the face of injustice, this is a message of love for you. To those who feel threatened or unsafe in their cities, neighborhoods, or in their own homes, this is a message of love for you. To those who have been shamed into silence and have had to numb the ensuing pain, this is a message of love for you. To those who have ever felt unloved, unwanted, or as if you don't matter, hear this message of love for you. I vow to walk in solidarity, to stand against all forms of violence and oppression, to help others on their healing journey while also working to heal myself. A message of love for all of you this Valentine's Day, and beyond. 

never letting anything be strong enough to close your heart

"It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains."   ― Assata Shakur

I will care for my body, mind, spirit, and relationships.  I will cultivate joy and build community even as I rise up in moral resistance. Revolutionary love is never letting anything be strong enough to close your heart. #RevolutionaryLove #WomensMarch #LoveArmy #1BillionRising

Love one another

“I will care for my own body, spirit & relationships by [protecting joy each day, dancing, eating, sleeping 8 hours, making art, building community, remembering art and nature and beauty] even as I rise up in moral resistance. #RevolutionaryLove”

Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary love holds most dear a deep and abiding love of all beings, no matter what is presented, no matter what is thrown at us, delving as deep as necessary to find the love and goodness within. And this doesn't mean that we lie down and get run over, or that we acquiesce to injustice or bad behavior of any kind, just that we do not let our essential selves be extinguished by interaction with an inauthentic Other.