RevolutionaryLove is Loving All People

I stand with human beings from hither to yon. We are all worthy of love. Sending you love today and always!

And sometimes love is easier to want to give than to really give, but I'm going to do my best to be on the side of Love. Love wins!

#RevolutionaryLove is...

Opening your heart with no guarantees of safety.

Feeling uncertain and trying anyway.

Thank you.

what the world needs now! Love is stronger than hate!

I love all my brothers & sisters in this struggle, and I'll stand with anyone who is the target of hate.

A special place in my heart is for all POC who are and have been forever the objects of White power & cruelty. You are in my thoughts and I send my love to you all. Except Ben Carson.

To those who hate, you should learn something: love is better. It feels better. Hate will destroy YOU in the end. And besides, you can't win. You're way outnumbered.

Read! Noam Chomsky! James Baldwin! Frederick Douglass! George Orwell!

Revolutionary Love is

Revolutionary Love is fighting for what you believe in even when it's hard, even when others disagree and even when you feel like giving up. It's showing up for others who are vulnerable or margainlized and fighting alongside them. It's acknowledging the privledges that I have as a white American and wanting to lift all people up into that same space.

Committed to Loving Radically

I vow to fight for refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, LGTBQI people, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, women and girls, the disabled, the indigenous, and all people in harm's way by speaking up, protesting, calling Congress daily, and supporting radical love and all people in danger throughout this administration. #RevolutionaryLove


I am so proud to be an American! Even in these strange and dangerous times. Yes, things are way off kilter and there is a disturbance in the Force, but under it all is our resilience. As a people, we have gone through so much, and still we rise! We are a country of immigrants, of all religious faiths, free to be ourselves. This regime is trying to tear us apart. Instead, we need to come together. Break bread together, hold each other up, protect one another. The resistance movement will be a marathon. We've got to pace ourselves. My #RevolutionaryLove is for my country, for holding onto what is dear to my heart, our freedom, rights and safety. I will make new friends, get out of my comfort zone and make a difference, even if it feels like a small effort. If we all do our part, we can reclaim what has been lost. Reclaim the love!

Revolutionary love means loving across all boundaries. One Love.

Dear Fellow Human,

I love you, no matter what. I love you no matter your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, abilities, or country of origin. I love you and I will stand up for justice, no matter what. I love you as I love myself. If you are oppressed, I will not be silent. You are safe with and loved by me. Happy Valentine's Day 2017!

With love and sincerity,

Juli Draney

Married White Lady Seeks to be an effective ally

This valentine's day, I write this love letter to acknowledge the privilege that it took me 46 years to understand, and that I'm still working to see.  I write this love letter to POC, to people of every non-Christian faith, to the LGBTQ community, to every disabled person, to people whose circumstances are and have been more difficult than the pretty easy, safe life I've had.  I am sorry that it's taken me so long.  I hope to spend the rest of my days as an effective ally for you, taking the lead from you on what I can do to help, supporting you so that we may all rise together and achieve equity and equality.  Love to you all.

#RevolutionaryLoveis..... unconditional love that can be intimately trusted

Revolutionary love is ability to open to and relate to discomfort, fear and aversion with a compassionate interest. This kind of active love and tolerance is a creative alternative to withdrawal and passivity and a crucial practice for navigating uncertainty and conflict. It calls for a stable mind and a fiercely open heart, Love Moira

#RevolutionaryLove is inclusive, non judgemental, kind

We all have the right to be here, loved, cherished, and protected, on a healthy planet with clean water, and clean. air. That includes everything in the natural world. I pledge to speak truth to power when I am able, to accept people for who they are, regardless of gender, orientation, place of origin, skin tone, belief system. I pledge to be intolerant of intolerance. I pledge to practice kindness, equinamity and presence as much as I can. As the Buddha said, my birthplace is Earth, my race is human, my politics are freedom (and equality) and my religion is LOVE.