#Revolutionary love is free from extremes

Bringing wisdom, kindness, compassion, and love to the leadership of this country is a source of strength. It empowers the country and brings peace to the world, which benefits everyone. 

I am a Buddhist and follow the Buddhist teachings, seeking enlightenment, which to me is the shedding of this sense of self that gives rise to negative emotions such as jealously, anger, resentment, selfishness, shame, and guilt.  By doing this one is able to extend love, care, and compassion to all beings, not just the ones who are on my side or who are easy to love.  Revolutionary love, this love army, to me, also represents this quest for enlightenment, but on a societal scale. The Revolutionary Love Army is about how to manifest enlightened society.  How do we love all beings, all parts of the whole, and change society to a culture of goodness, kindness, love, and compassion?   May all beings including Muslims, Refugees, Mexicans, African Americans, LGBT-identified people, Women, White Old Men who watch Fox news, and all be seen with kindness, love, and openness.  May their sufferings cease immediately!  May a new leader guide the United States with wisdom and sanity, free from polarized extremes.  May world peace prevail!

The Sound of Compassion

I will stand with [refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, LGTBQIA people, Black people, Latinxs, Jewish people, women and girls, Indigenous peoples, disabled people, and/or all people in harm's way]. I will practice revolutionary love by [speaking even when my voice trembles, protesting, marching, organizing, striking, calling Congress once a day etc]. Revolutionary love is The Sound of Compassion #RevolutionaryLove #WomensMarch #LoveArmy #1BillionRising

#RevolutionaryLove is Courageous

Today, on this day and in this season of my life I KNOW that there is no place for fear. I must not hide, I must not cower, I must not silence myself, I must not be still. I recognize that I ALONE own my body and my mind; no one else. Not my husband. Not my government. Not my child. Not society's idea of what I should be, think, say or do. I must think and feel and act in a way that resonates with the deep knowing that is inside each of us, and I must be present to bear witness to and lend support for the struggles and the joys of others. I must be fully open to my own triumphs and sorrows, emotions - and power. Instead of detachment, I must live a life of intense passion and engagement - and work in every way I can to make sure that others have the opportunity to do the same. This is not a war. This is not a fight. This is magic. This is a revolution of love. 

#RevolutionaryLove letter

I will stand with individuals of diverse backgrounds and lift my voice and pen, march, protest, organize, defend and assert, to address situations of injustice and mistreatment. I will not be silent in the face of challenges in the days to come, I will stand with you pushing for justice and equitable treatment. ..Human Rights for all.

I give my love to anyone who will take it.

Dear World,

I love you and I will try my very best to keep you safe.




what we need

I will care for my own body, spirit, and relationships by practicing love each day, dancing, singing, eating, making art, building community, remembering the beauty in nature and people even as I rise up in moral resistance. I will stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, LGTBQIA people, Black people, Latinxs, Jewish people, women and girls, Indigenous peoples, disabled people, all people in harm's way and white men who are allies. I will practice revolutionary love by speaking even when my voice trembles, protesting, marching, organizing, striking, calling my representatives, using my money wisely and fighting against capitalism, patriarchy and tyranny.  I will oppose all forms of inequality and bigotry with an ethic of revolutionary love by refusing to allow fear and hate to rule, fighting systemic injustice and not just individuals, and standing up in solidarity with all people who speak love and peace. Revolutionary love is what we need to get up and move forward each day to survive as a people. 


I vow to Love the Person in front of me....behind me....beside me.... I vow to look past your Nationality, your Sexual preference , your Religion Background. I vow to stand up for you when I see you being disrespected.I vow to speak up for you when your afraid to. I vow to hug you when I see you at the point where you think your alone! I vow to pray for you And with you .....over you for your safety.... I vow to be the 1 person that you don't owe anything back for doing all that I vow to do for you! Because you matter..... And I love you... And know what it feels to be mistreated in all the ways listed above! I'll be your voice! My Love is Free Please Accept it. 💜

The #RevolutionaryLove of a #LoveArmy is... Uncomfortable.

That we are nothing with all those, near and far, who impact our lives. Lives in the past, present, and future all play a role in the people we transform ourselves into. To my friend who makes me their enemy... I am sorry you feel that way. I am sorry for your pain and suffering thay leads you to see me this way. I am sorry my existence, my identities, and my communities were not sufficient to make you realize that I am human enough to eternally be your equal on this planet. I am sorry that I could do enough to make you realize we need each other. All those that you have made your adversaries are already your partners, your benefactors, and the very reasons why you live the life you live. They stack your shelves with food, the sew the thread of your clothing, they build your houses and maintain them. They educate your children, are your colleagues at work, and could some day be your life partner. The enemy you are creating for yourself has been the very foundation of your life... And you have not realozed that yet. We are siblings in destiny. If we can only want the best for ourselves, it is all rooted in wanting the best for others. The Muslim, the homosexual person, the refugee, the immigrant could be a playing a more essential more in your life than your own family. And that might just be an uncomfortable feeling. But so not despair... The truth is bitter and uncomfortable sometimes. And I know you will grow out of this hate and ignorance to realize that we can either let history repeat itself... Or write a new chapter in history that remarks the inclusion and pluralism we sorely deserve as the United States of America, an experiment of over 240 years that calls us to find the entire world from sea to shining sea. #WeAreBetterTogether #WeAreStrongerTogether #WeAreOne -TS


#Revolutionary Love is

 I believe that God loves the WHOLE world -- NO EXCEPTIONS.  I will keep trying, every single day, to defend the most marginalized among us. I know that by recognizing our shared humanity, we can break down the illusion that we are so different from each other and we will be able to rekindle the love within us all. Taking care of each other is the answer. Together our love is very powerful and we all need to try and find the courage to speak up every day and be part of the Love Revolution! 


#RevolutionaryLove is beautiful

I will care for my own body, spirit, and relationships by defending joy and beauty, making art and playing my violin, even as I rise up in moral resistance. Revolutionary love is remembering that beauty still exists. #RevolutionaryLove #WomensMarch #LoveArmy #1BillionRising