Dear Humanity, I will stand up and speak out for the protectons of human & civil rights for immigrants, refugees, people of color, LGBTQIA people, people with disabilities, and people simply seeking the right to live peacefully & in harmony with others while practicing whatever faith they choose. I write this love letter to these people, and to girls & women, and to people resisting oppression in all forms. I write this love letter to implore that those currently choosing to be on the unjust side of history find compassion and love for humanity within themselves, and wake up. I write this to the members of my family who, in blind hope for change, supported a fascist campaign of hate. Please look within yourselves and reconsider how much violence your privilege protects you from and allows you to remain blind to. I write this letter to my future children, who may be black or brown. May we keep you safe and raise you to keep yourself strong in the face of conditions like today. I love you.

Revolutionary Love is...

On this day of Love, remember we must love all, not just the ones close to us, but literally everyone. Compassion for all no matter their creed, skin, or affiliations, we are in this together and the sooner we accept this, the sooner the healing can happen, and we need a lot of healing, the earth needs healing, and it starts with how we treat each and every soul we come in contact with - #LoveArmy,#Namaste, #RevolutionaryLove

"WE are the world,,,,,WE are the children...."


#Revolutionary Love is standing up for others and never, ever letting hate win

I vow to stand up for my family, friends, neighbors and all those who are marginalized.  I will reach out, speak up, organize, protest, march, and continue to call and write to government officials throughout this administration.   I stand for peace, love, acceptance and justice. #RevolutionaryLove”


BirthPlace : Earth

    Race:  Human

       Politics:  Freedom

          Religion:  LOVE


#RevolutionaryLove is standing with your allays to try to make a difference

Today, and every day, I will show my #RevolutionaryLove by standing with those that need my support, by yelling with those that need me to amplify their voice, by marching for what I believe, and opposing those who might seek to oppress us. We must all stick together, love each other, and #resist. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr. #WomensMarch #LoveArmy

#RevolutionaryLove will be a revolution

I want the world to love again.  I want people to come from a place of love, not politics or policy.  I want politics and policy to be governed by love.  Pure, unconditional, magical love.  I will lead with love by supporting others voices, leading with compassion, and taking care of myself and others.  Love will lead us to freedom.

#RevolutionaryLoveIs #LoveArmy #WomensMarch

I will stand with refugees. I will fight for children and adults with cancer so we might find a cure. Especially the children would love to grow up and they only get four percent of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding. I will oppose all forms of inequality including racism, sexism and other "isms" that take place as a negative part of our world. I will stand with myself by giving myself a break from time to time, pampering myself, cultivating my faith and loving myself. I will get seven hours of sleep per night as much as possible in order to take care of all of the above this year. #RevolutionaryLoveIs loving myself and loving others. #LoveArmy #WomensMarch

if not this......then?

if not this...then what will grow in this place?    if not now.....then when will these seeds be planted?    if not for you...then I am not whole......if not for love.....then what will grow those seeds?   

#Revolutionary Love...

Dear Donald Trump,  

I send healing energy to your soul, that you feel your spirit turning to love over fear. I wish for you nothing but peace.  

In the meantime, I will resist your fear-based actions at every turn.

xoxo, Mary Beth