#RevolutionaryLove is hearing all voices

I support all the voices who are courageous enough to stand up, to speak up, to wake up, to the need to speak Truth to Power.  The written voices of our persistent and credible journalists. The often silenced voices of our oppressed and marginalized. The quiet voices of our young boys and girls, just learning what words can mean. I am inspired to keep sharing my voice, in loving kindness with all of your's. #lovearmy #revolutionarylove

What is Revolutionary Love?

Revolutionary love: Revolution - deep rooted change. Love: deep emotion of caring. Revolutionary love is the deep rooted change in one's world view an attitude towards one's self and our relationship with others. We love ourselves enough to be at peace with our own inner selves. Our self worth is intrinsic, not compared to other people's achievements or status in life. We care deeply for others and show this by offering companionship, a hand up when they need it and we feel fulfilled when we see others grow, achieving their positive goals. We love ourselves enough to let go of those who do not wish our company, and we love them enough to open the door to let them leave; and we welcome them when they choose to stay. We have deep love when we accept our differences, respect our divergent choices, and learn to accommodate to each other within the respect for our individual and communal dignity. 

Let your #RevolutionaryLove shine...

I will care for my own body, spirit, and relationships by finding joy and gratitude each day, by giving voice to those that need protection, and by not hardening my heart even as I rise up in moral resistance. Revolutionary love is accepting that there are no real boundaries between ourselves and others, remaining compassionate with our shadows, and fiercely connecting with universal love. #RevolutionaryLove #LoveArmy #1BillionRising

#RevolutuonaryLove is

Genuinely seeing ALL other beings as just another version of yourself and treating them with all the respect, kindness, & compassion you've got. It's doing this regardless of the way they treat you, and without expecting anything at all in return.

#RevolutionaryLove is . . .

Revolutionary love is accepting and respecting all kinds of love today and everyday!  Always remembering and educating others that love has no gender, ethnicity, faith or race.  #lovearmy

Revolutionary Love for ALL of Humanity

I will be revolutionary love by treasuring and loving myself soooo much that I am over flowing with an abundance of love to share with EVERYONE that I possibly can. I will practice revolutionary love by trading in any anger for love and treat everyone with respect including myself. Most of all I will take time to reflect and make conscious decisions and take into account all people and all things, and make my decision based on what is best for all involved. I love you!!!

Accepting and Respectful

Revolutionary love is a give and take, between two consenting adults. It's respectful and accepting of race, faith, gender, and ethnicity. It's a compromise that doesn't ask you to compromise your human dignity. 

#RevolutionaryLove by Rob

Love to me is to be able to understand another person's perspective even though you may have never gone through their situation. True love does not require someone or something to gain profit in any form just 100% understanding and compassion


Happy Revolutionary Love Day.  Revolutionary love is powerful. It heals. It lifts up. It stands with people whose rights are threatened or taken away.  It saves lives.  Love is stronger and louder than hate.  Stronger than exclusion, bigotry, hate speech, fear of people who are not the same as you.  Love is life-giving.  I pledge to be loving, loud and graceful in my witness and my activism so that every person can be safe and have what they need.  I pledge to stand beside you and for you.

#RevolutionaryLoveIs ... Unconditional

Dear Family & Friends,

I love you, no matter your race, gender orientation, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, education level, amount of money in your bank account, or the car you drive. Love is present. It is not limited in its potential amount or time, it is a limitless gift that gives back. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. We are all connected through the Power of Love.