The Love Report: Guiding Principle #5: Build Relationships

Our Arts & Culture Organizer Tem Blessed has been talking about Love Army’s Guiding Principles on his weekly Facebook Live show, The Love Report.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Guiding Principle #5 Build Relationships

Relationship and community are the foundation of change. Call each other up - not out. Healthy competition has its place but cooperation is more often what we need. Take responsibility for your actions. Talk to each other, not about each other. Heal divides.

custard.jpgGuests: Mary Custard - Amherst Regional High School School Dean of Students, 2017 Recipient of the Louise Gaskins Lifetime Civil Rights Award, Organizer and Pillar of the Community.

This week Love Army Arts & Culture Organizer Tem Blessed met up with Mary Custard, an organizer and Pillar of the Amherst community. They discussed the Love Army Guiding Principle #5: Build Relationships.

It feels harder than ever to build relationships in a political environment that fosters division and competition. Mary Custard shares her wisdom about how to build sustainable community networks, the value of cooperation over competition and how to manage uncomfortable conversations with friends and family.

Shout out to Cita Light for the on-site technical support.

Power to the People!

- Tem Blessed and Cita Light


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