Day of #RevolutionaryLove, Day of Rising.
We reclaim Valentine's Day as a Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising. We resist all executive orders and policies that put people in harm’s way. We commit to fight for social justice through the ethic of love -- love for others, our opponents, and ourselves.

#RevolutionaryLove is inclusive, non judgemental, kind

We all have the right to be here, loved, cherished, and protected, on a healthy planet with clean water, and clean. air. That includes everything in the natural world. I pledge to speak truth to power when I am able, to accept people for who they are, regardless of gender, orientation, place of origin, skin tone, belief system. I pledge to be intolerant of intolerance. I pledge to practice kindness, equinamity and presence as much as I can. As the Buddha said, my birthplace is Earth, my race is human, my politics are freedom (and equality) and my religion is LOVE. 

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