Day of #RevolutionaryLove, Day of Rising.
We reclaim Valentine's Day as a Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising. We resist all executive orders and policies that put people in harm’s way. We commit to fight for social justice through the ethic of love -- love for others, our opponents, and ourselves.

#Revolutionarylove is..


This is a declaration of love for my family and friends, the busy professionals and parents who now make time each day to reach out to others and do any act of resistance they can.  Their photos and updates, the sign made by my seven-year-old niece for her mom, my sister, to carry in the Women’s March in Washington, keep fuelling my hope. 

This is a declaration of love for every woman who has stood up and spoken out since the worldwide women’s marches on 21st January.  We have so many more heroines now than we knew about before whose resolute faces and words continue to give us all courage and confidence.  Every day there are new women emerging from all walks of life, all communities all races all religions, becoming activists, entering politics, finding new ways to use our individual strengths and experiences to build a resistance of compassion, empathy, truth, and equality. WE WILL PERSIST!

This is a declaration of love for every man standing with us, all the men who dedicated their lives for freedom in the past and the new heroes we can count on now, for every man who is helping a woman by looking after kids so she can protest, or taking kids with them to marches, or helping with cooking or cleaning at home, or supporting female colleagues or employees at work. For every man who recognizes that women’s rights are human rights and we all need to join together to build bridges not walls, and that this is a bigger and more high-stakes struggle than most of us have ever faced in our lifetimes.  And it’s not only an American struggle – it impacts the rights and health of people and our environment all over the world. 

This is a declaration of love for every child, woman and man who now feels afraid of being bullied and threatened, of being forcibly separated from loved ones, who are now scared to visit their families outside the US, to go to school, to go to work, or just to wait for a bus or walk to the grocery store.  In today’s New York Times, Hector Tobar writes: "Since the election of Mr. Trump we've seen too many ordinary Americans embracing their inner bullies...Of such ugly people my mother, a Guatemalan-born US citizen, says, "Hay que tenerles lastima" ("We must pity them"). Their hatred is born of ignorance and an inner inferiority whereas we are confident in our existence." 

This is a declaration of love for every immigrant and every refugee who is giving all they have to start a better life in a new country.  This is also a declaration of love for every lawyer who showed up at airports on the weekend of 27th January and who is still helping people impacted by Trump’s unconstitutional order, and every lawyer who is giving time and expertise now to protecting citizens and non-citizens against discrimination and abuse.  We need to remember that Muslims are being more terrorized in the countries they are fleeing than any of us living in the US or Europe, that the majority of Muslims who have settled in the US and Europe are eager to learn how to participate in our democracies, to learn our languages, to revitalise our bleakest communities.  We need to remind our politicians and anyone else who is stirring up fear and hatred, that we want to let in more, not fewer, refugees and we all should find ways to help them when they arrive.  And this is something we need to do in Spain as well as the US.  The number of refugees who have come here is lower than almost any other country in Europe.  In Barcelona we can start by joining the Casa Nostra Casa Vostra March this Saturday.  NO HATE NO FEAR REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE!

This is a declaration of love for the journalists who are rising to the challenge of unmasking the liars who now hold some of the highest positions of power.  More journalists than we have seen in American culture since the days of Watergate and Vietnam are unravelling the lies assaulting our hearts and minds every day, and ever since the Women’s Marches of 21st January they are also reporting more widely than ever before on the acts of resistance and our victories.  Good journalism is an essential part of resistance to authoritarianism and its lies and propaganda. Journalists brought about today’s resignation of National Security Advisor Flynn, the first big shake-up in Trump’s inner circle. We need to call on Spanish journalists to be as relentless in covering politics in Spain.

This is a declaration of love for all the writers, artists and musicians who are rising up creatively in the resistance, who are continuing to produce new works during these chaotic times, and who have given us the books, images, and songs that enliven our struggle and replace our fears with understanding and joy.  As a literary agent I find hope every day in the authors I represent and in the new voices I am discovering and reading and sharing.  I no longer buy as many new clothes or shoes as before, but I’m still buying new books and music.  There is so much wonderful art and music being created and performed right here in Barcelona, go out and discover it, share it with your friends and families, this is one of the things I most love about living here.

This is a declaration of love for our opponents, for waking us up and slapping us in the face so that we cannot be complacent in our individual cocoons any longer.  We cannot let them define our society, our environment, and our future.  I will resist every dangerous, regressive, and discriminatory government policy.  I will not be silent against racism, bigotry, misogyny, and fascism.  I will no longer close my eyes and ears to the undermining of science, the destruction of the environment, the proliferation of guns, the dismantling of public education, the repealing of healthcare, the defunding of the arts, the undoing of financial regulations, the restricting of voting rights, and the ignoring of ethics. And this is also a declaration of love for those Republicans who decide to join Democrats over these issues that should unite us more than divide us. 

And this is a declaration of love for everyone who votes in elections, and for those who are now starting to regret having made the wrong choice.  By joining together now, reaching out to everyone we know back in the US or wherever we come from, and making new alliances and friendships here in Spain and the rest of Europe, and by responding to fear and hate with declarations of love we still have a chance to undo this wrong and to prevent more wrong choices from grabbing power. THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!

#RevolutionaryLove #WomensMarch #LoveArmy


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