Dreamers: we've got your back.

"If you are reading this, I’m in jail for standing up to the Trump administration’s repeal of DACA...I am committed to putting everything on the line right now. We immigrant youth have always known DACA was temporary, and this time we are unwilling to settle for anything less than permanent protection, respect and dignity, for ourselves, our parents and our communities.

I participated in this action because it is imperative as a person with DACA that I cry out for justice for all undocumented people. No human being can ever be illegal."

A message from Erika Andiola, Political Director of Our Revolution and DACA Recipient

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration will end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - a program that protects more than 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation and allows them to attend school, work, and contribute to their communities. DACA recipients arrived in the US as children and are now teachers, doctors, business owners, attorneys, students, first responders, and members of the military. Losing DACA would hurt not just the Dreamers, but also their families, classmates, workplaces, and communities.

In anticipation of this announcement, undocumented youth organized actions across the country and put their bodies on the line. It was bold and brave actions like this that pushed President Obama to create DACA in the first place, and the young Dreamers are not backing down in the face of Trump’s brutal immigration policies. They are not hiding in the shadows.

Show the Dreamers we’ve got their back: contribute to this emergency fund that supports several groups taking action.

Erika Andiola, Political Director for Our Revolution, and Basi Alonso, an organizer with Our Revolution, were among those arrested at Trump Tower in New York City. Dreamers like Erika and Basi are risking their safety, their jobs, their homes and more to stand up for what is right. Their strength gives us strength. We stand with them and we’re asking you to do the same.

In this moment, there is nothing more important than standing together. To Erika and Basi and all the Dreamers: We’ve got your back.

In Solidarity,

The Love Army Team

PS. As some of you may remember, Erika and Basi were part of our July 27 teach-in, “Building Sanctuary.” If you haven’t yet gotten a chance, please watch. These strong, brilliant young leaders are not just protecting their own rights - they are taking a stand for the broader immigrant community and for human dignity.

Update: Erika, Basi and the rest of the Dreamers arrested in front of Trump Tower have been released