Stand with Retired Coal Miners and help pass the Miners Protection Act

GOAL: 20,000

Coal miners have worked hard and risked their lives to keep our lights on. Many became sick or disabled. Now because of crooked coal companies, over 20,000 retired coal miners will lose their health benefits at the end of the month. 90,000 are also at risk of losing their pensions.

Can you call your members of Congress TODAY to ask them to support the Miners Protection Act? If we act now, we can pass this crucial legislation.

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Petition to: U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and President Donald Trump.

The United States made a promise to the nation’s coal miners after World War II: if they produced the fuel that created America’s economic and military strength, then our nation would guarantee health and retirement benefits. 

Coal Miners like John Leach worked underground for decades, and risked their lungs, limbs, and lives on a daily basis. America has a moral commitment to help them, and they need our help more than ever.  

But now the health benefits for his family and over 20,000 retired coal miners and their families are scheduled for termination on April 28. In addition, their pension plans -- which provide benefits to 90,000 people -- are facing bankruptcy within a decade. Peabody and other coal companies have used loopholes in our bankruptcy laws to throw away benefit obligations to retirees.

What they did is wrong. But the U.S. Congress has the opportunity to fix it. The Miners Protection Act (S.175 and H.R. 179) is bipartisan legislation that permanently extends health benefits to the retirees at risk and shores up their pension plans. It has to be passed before the end of the month or their benefits will expire.

Fighting for the passage of the Miners Protection Act means standing against Big Coal and standing up for people who these companies have disregarded. The same companies that are damaging our environment and communities across the country are also now attempting to walk away from their responsibilities to their workers. We can’t let it happen.

None of these retired coal miners or their dependents are currently adding any pollution to the environment. Some are widows, many are sick. Standing up for these individuals means standing up for retirement security and health care for all.

Taking action to support these retired miners is about solidarity with people who are especially vulnerable right now. This isn’t about who you voted for or where you live; it is about basic fairness and decency. It is about saving lives.

President Trump has used coal miners as props to sign bills that hurt the environment, but has done nothing to stand up for retired coal miners at risk of losing their benefits.

It's time for both President Trump and Congress to act.