Join the #LoveArmyChallenge

The #LoveArmy Challenge is prioritizing self-care in preparation for the Summer of Love & Resistance. Every day for the next 20 days, we are challenging ourselves and others to engage in 20 minutes of mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical action. 

The #LoveArmy Challenge is a reminder that it is important to take care of our mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. This challenge will reposition our prioritize and help us work towards a more balanced lifestyle and in turn a more balanced world.

“Transform yourself, transform the world.”


Why are we doing this?

This is to benefit to YOU! I guarantee that you will start to feel better once you start this challenge. There is a benefit to those around you because you are more patient and present.  The big idea is that these consistent activities will balance our thoughts, emotions, and bodies so that we can navigate this world and these difficult interactions and conversations from a place of love rather than frustration, hate or fear.

Finally, we are getting ready for an action-packed summer.

WATCH the #LoveReport with Tem Blessed to learn how YOU can get started with the #LoveArmyChallenge 

Daily Tracks:

Pick a few of these activities (or choose some of your own!) to engage in for 20 minutes


Spiritual (Or emotional) 


Hike Mediate  Create
Run Chant Write
Jumping jacks Brethe Read

Immerse yourself in nature (Christ consciousness walk bear-foot)



Here are the rules:

  • This should be fun and be challenging at the same time.

  • It should be recorded or performed LIVE.

  • Shout out #LoveArmyChallenge in the video

  • Keep it fun, light and tell people how they can follow you

  • Use #LoveArmyChallenge #2020LoveArmyChallenge

  • Use your words with integrity all day. Only speak positively about YOURSELF and others.