Michelle Romero

Michelle Romero is the Campaign Director of Green For All's Clean Power Plan campaign. In her role, she works to ensure equity has a front seat in the CPP so that it can become a strong vehicle for addressing both poverty and pollution across the country.

Immediately prior to joining Green For All, Michelle worked in the Issues Management and Policy Analysis unit for the President of the University of California system Janet Napolitano. She also spent five years at the Greenlining Institute, leading state strategy to ensure communities of color have a voice in the major decisions that affect their lives. Among her major accomplishments, includes an unprecedented statewide civic engagement campaign to engage people of color in California's 2011 redistricting process and activating and leading a 501c4 organization alongside 501c3 strategies. 

Michelle has published research on barrier to voting advised state and local government agencies about effective practices for engaging communities of color in decision-making processes, wrote and lobbied for legislation, and helped catalyze a shift in the election policy community to design programs that are user-centered from the outset. 

Michelle's work has been featured in the SF Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, KQED, ABC News, La Opinion, and many other media outlets. Michelle holds a B.A from the University of California at Santa Cruz.