Day of #RevolutionaryLove, Day of Rising.
We reclaim Valentine's Day as a Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising. We resist all executive orders and policies that put people in harm’s way. We commit to fight for social justice through the ethic of love -- love for others, our opponents, and ourselves.


Dear Humanity, I will stand up and speak out for the protectons of human & civil rights for immigrants, refugees, people of color, LGBTQIA people, people with disabilities, and people simply seeking the right to live peacefully & in harmony with others while practicing whatever faith they choose. I write this love letter to these people, and to girls & women, and to people resisting oppression in all forms. I write this love letter to implore that those currently choosing to be on the unjust side of history find compassion and love for humanity within themselves, and wake up. I write this to the members of my family who, in blind hope for change, supported a fascist campaign of hate. Please look within yourselves and reconsider how much violence your privilege protects you from and allows you to remain blind to. I write this letter to my future children, who may be black or brown. May we keep you safe and raise you to keep yourself strong in the face of conditions like today. I love you.

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