Summer of Love and Resistance: Week 1

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.

The #LoveArmy kicked off the Summer of Love and Resistance with World Peace and Prayer Day encouraging our community to get rooted in whatever it is that brings us strength. We are beginning a larger conversation about love and compassion.

Whatever your relationship to religion, spirituality or prayer, we invited everyone to join us to support the gathering of indigenous leaders in Hawaii and to get ourselves into the right mindset to both resist what is and imagine what could be.

Standing Rock and the Water Protectors resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota are a beautiful example of the power of prayer and the importance of how we are showing up, not just what we are doing. They remind us that justice for the people is inseparable from right relationships with the land.

What we do in moments like these is so important. And, how we do what we do is also important. As we embark on the Summer of Love and Resistance, let us come together to center ourselves in a moral, spiritual and strategic framework for the work we have ahead.

We continue to encourage you to take regular time to reflect, meditate, and get rooted in the power of love.

Watch the video above and share your reflections on our Facebook page.

Each one of us has a place. Each one of us is needed. Each one of us is loved.

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